Please feel free to contact me should you have a client who needs help outside your own area of expertise.  It may very well fall into mine! I will be happy to talk with you (initially without charge) to help analyze unusual fact patterns or complicated legal issues. And to see if you need my help in the litigation.  

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A number of attorneys, former clients, doctors, accountants and others over the years have referred cases to me, confident that I can provide superior legal expertise through efficient, analytical and  aggressive representation designed to yield the best possible result for each situation.  The Welcome page contains a few reviews from both satisfied attorneys and clients I have worked with in the past.

Excellent Communication is the key to establishing trust: Your case is my case!  When I accept a case referred to me, I take yours, and your client’s trust in me personally!  I want both the client and the referring attorney to be happy and satisfied with my services-and one way to achieve that is through regular communications with all parties concerned. Lack of communication creates unnecessary stress for all concerned! Neither you, nor the client, is ever left out of the loop.

Your case is never assigned to a paralegal to complete.  A paralegal is not an attorney. Retainer agreements are contracts between attorneys and clients.  Rest assured that your case will be followed and developed at each stage by me.

Accessibility: I can meet with you, or the client(s) or both via Zoom, or if necessary (and everyone observes COVID-19 precautions) in person.

Fees overall: The hourly fee is a last resort for me. A contingency fee, even for commercial cases, is often a better choice. A flat fee is the best choice if we have a good idea of the endeavor.

Co-Counsel Fees: With the client’s agreement, I will reach a fee arrangement with you that complies with the Rules of Professional Conduct.  In certain contingency fee cases, your share of the fee may be greater than the typical 25%. If you want to share the work equally, co-counsel fees of 50% of the overall fee are possible. Sometimes, we will each just bill the client separately for our own work.

Co-Counsel arrangements:  There may be situations in which you, the attorney, wish to keep greater artistic control over your client’s case, rather than simply refer it to another attorney, yet have hit a snag in that plan. Please consider our services when the case becomes more complicated or difficult to complete than anticipated!  I often unravel complex legal situations, issue by issue and I can do that behind the scenes if needed.


The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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