During these very strange and challenging times, please know that Miller Law Offices is open and stands ready to assist our present and future clients, and our fellow attorneys with their various legal concerns.

It is not always necessary to meet ‘in person’ in order to start a new case or pursue one in which we already represent you. For your maximum safety during the pandemic period we can use the following ‘germ-free’ (also called ‘contactless’) ways to communicate easily and smoothly:

• Telephone

• Email-which can also be used to sign documents.

• Face-to-face appointments using Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or some other videoconferencing program. Most of these programs can be run on smartphones as well as on desktop and laptop computers.

• U.S. Mail

• The mail slot in our front door can always be used to drop off papers you would rather not mail or e-mail.

• The Contact Us form on this website can also be used as a ‘first contact’ with our office. It includes COVID-19 screening questions which must be answered for your safety and ours.

We strongly encourage you to stay at home and stay safe by using the methods of communication above to reach us!

Nevertheless, if you do wish to see us at the office, you’ll need to follow some rules we have in place for your safety and ours:

As we all have heard in the news by now-there is a greater risk of transmission of the virus from person to person when we are out and about among other people generally, and a still higher risk of ‘catching it’ when we are exposed to situations that do not permit good social distancing and hygiene practices.

At Miller Law Offices we are very committed to doing our part to ‘flatten the curve’ and protect our visitor’s and office personnel’s safety to the greatest degree possible. With that goal in mind, we will be implementing the following protocols-following both the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations, as well as the those of the Florida Supreme Court with respect to the opening of the state’s courthouses.

We apologize in advance for the annoying nature of some of these rules, but we feel such rules will lead to the best protection from accidental transmission of the virus for all parties concerned:

Before you leave your home:

1. We require you to call or email for an appointment to see us in person. The Contact Us form on this website may also be used.
Appointments only! No drop ins! To request an appointment to see me in person, please call 772-562-4570,  email me at vblawyer@bellsouth.net  or use the Contact Us form. If leaving a voicemail or writing an email, please be sure to include your name, phone number and a description (in detail) of why you need to see a lawyer.

2. Please make babysitting arrangements for your children.
Children may not visit the office unless they are specifically, a party to a case! We love children (and we happened to have been children ourselves at one time!) but realistically, our newly designated and converted “stay safer meeting area” of the office gives them no separate place to safely wait for their parents to finish with their consultation. The meeting area is small. There is no room for children to sit in a parent’s lap, nor for child carriers, portable cribs, toys, etc.

3. We ask that you voluntarily take your own temperature before leaving the house if you can do so. If you have a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, please reschedule your appointment with us (even at the last minute!) and instead, schedule an appointment with your doctor!

4. If possible, please email all documents you would otherwise bring in paper form to vblawyer@bellsouth.net  .

Before you enter our office:

1. We will require you to fill out a Covid 19 screening form. It must be filled out, signed, and then slipped into our mail slot at the bottom of the front door for our inspection, before you will be able to enter the office. You may also use the COVID 19 screen found in the “Contact us” portion of the website to send us your answers electronically.

2. Please ring our front doorbell to let us know you have arrived, as we keep our door locked.

When you enter our office:

1. We will require you to wear a face covering-fully covering the nose and mouth.
All persons coming into this office must wear a face mask or cloth face covering that fully covers the nose and mouth. All visitors are encouraged to bring their own face covering, otherwise, a disposable mask will be provided.

2. For your safety, all personnel in our office will also wear a face covering -fully covering the nose and mouth.

3. For your safety, we will disinfect the ‘safer meeting area’ before your arrival and after you leave.

4. For your safety, we will practice social distancing by sitting at one end of a wide desk, and you, the visitor(s) will sit at the other end, thereby automatically maintaining a social distance of 6 feet or greater at all times.

5. For your safety, and in order to minimize social exposure and transmission of Covid 19, in person meetings will be kept as short as possible. 

These meetings will likely run no more than 15 minutes to half an hour. (Please note that in the safety of a teleconferencing session or a phone call-there would be no such time restriction, and video meetings or calls could potentially run as long as might be needed.)

6. All appointments will be limited to the lawyer and two persons at a time, so a maximum of three persons will be in the ‘safer meeting area’ at any one time.

A final request….

We try hard to maintain a welcoming sensory environment. A number of our visitors have chemical sensitivities to certain odors, which can cause migraines and other medical issues. Because of this-we do not permit smoking either inside or immediately outside our office, and we ask that, if you do smoke, that you not allow smoke to cling to your clothes, the smell of which can linger in the air long after you have departed the office!

We also ask that the visitor not wear strong perfumes or colognes-which can also linger in the air behind a departing visitor.

Thanks very much in advance for your cooperation!