Were you denied insurance benefits under your commercial insurance policies (sometimes called “business insurance” or “property insurance”) containing a business interruption rider or add-on as a result of business interruption  and closure due to Covid 19?

Let us assist you! We offer a free, no obligation review of commercial and business policies to determine whether you, the business owner, were unfairly denied coverage.

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What it is:  Business Interruption Insurance is an add-on or a rider to a standard property/casualty business owner’s policy taken out to protect a business.  Its purpose is to replace lost income in the event of a disaster. Generally, it not only pays out for the loss of revenue and associated expenses of a business, including payroll (the amounts being determined by the past financial records of the business,) but will also pay for relocation costs should there be a need to move the business due to a disaster.

What makes up a disaster (or peril-the term the insurance companies use)? While policies differ depending on what is purchased-these are some of the typical perils that may be covered:

Weather and other natural events: such as fire, wind, or lightening


Falling objects

Closing of a business by a civil authority.

(Unless there is specific language in the business interruption insurance policy-disease transmission, infection, etc. are not usually covered).

A “civil authority” clause that may prove the most useful with respect to Covid 19

In order to flatten the curve of the spread of Covid 19 these past few months, civil authorities-such as the governors of the various states, have ordered many non-essential business owners to shut their doors for different periods of time, causing a tremendous loss of revenue to these businesses. Many thousands of business owners have been affected by these orders-including hair salons, restaurants, doctors, attorneys, tradespeople, repair folks, etc. Many are still affected today as states reopen, very slowly, in order to try to slow the spread of disease.

The language of insurance policies is extremely complex and often difficult to interpret as to what the policyholder is truly entitled to.  Please feel free to review the website, and especially our complex litigation and representative cases pages.  You’ll see that we have extensive expertise in the interpretation and legal pursuit of insurance protection for our clients!

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If you are an attorney with a client who has a potential claim for a business interruption benefit, please contact me. Assuming the client agrees, if I take the case and we both participate in prosecuting it, I will share the fee equally with you.



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